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Time:2010-8-13 Source:Favourite Employment Co.,Ltd.

Favourite Employment Co.,Ltd. is the first service firm which provide domestic helper in China.With headquarters in Beijing, we mainly offer high-quality Philippine domestic helper to the communities.Most of the maids are well-educated with college diploma and they are full of working experiences.
Many of them have been worked in other Asia area like Hong Kong、Taiwan and Singapore.

With our branch organization in Philippine, we have our own information management center and maintained a long-term co-operation with the local home servant training school.All the maids have to pass through our strict training ,and this will assure you to employ a optimal housemaid for your family.

Meanwhile, we invite the Philippine experts to Beijing, giving professional training courses to domestic employees, helping them improve service quality and professional ethics.

Favourite provides careful and all-round services to the customers.Our qualified councillors and the Philippine experts will administrate detailed solutions to your problems and we will make satisfactory arrangements for your requirement for service.We will proxy all the formalities related the maids including entry visa, medical examination, etc. for you and all of these will be done under the laws of the People's Republic of China.

  • Aim of Favourite service: Trust and sincerity.
  • Principle of Favourite service: Let the employer feel convenient and let the employee feel the embodiment of their values.
  • The unremitting goal of Favourite: Let your family life be easier and more comfortable.

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